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My Central Florida Family is a website for kids and for Central Florida Family Events and we have created a unique opportunity to bring together local and national businesses with kids and families that live and work in the community. As we all know, a parent’s world can sometimes be upside down with chaos and uncertainty as we constantly question what’s best for the children and if we are doing enough and doing the right things to support them. My Central Florida Family provides parents and guardians information about events, specials, and opportunities available to their children as well as themselves.

To provide all of this information, we utilize detailed calendars, directories, news feeds, social media and more to connect you with the information you’re looking for and to the opportunities you’re not aware of. This takes much time and resources, but it’s our commitment to the families in our community.

Together with the Florida Kids and Family Expo, which will provide a day full of memories for each and every member of the family, our mission is to make your life and the important decisions your family faces every day just a little bit easier. My Central Florida Family and Florida Kids and Family Expo, together, bring you the Ultimate Resource for Families in Central Florida.

Central Florida FamilyMeet Brandi.

Planning and executing the largest and most popular bridal events across the country for over 14 years, Brandi began her professional career as a school teacher. Teaching for Seminole County Public Schools for over 7 years, Brandi has always had a love for children and enjoyable interactions with their families. With two children of her own, Brandi knows what it’s like to be a parent struggling to find services and products that will enrich her children’s lives and make her family experiences more fun and exciting. As a seasoned expo producer, Brandi loves the idea of connecting families with the tools they need to create enriching family memories.

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Central Florida FamilyMeet Jo.

Jo and Brandi have worked together since 2000. Producing events in Central Florida for over 30 years, Jo has been a staple in both the wedding and corporate communities. As a mother of one and grandmother of two, Jo believes that nothing is more essential than creating memorable experiences with each and every family member. Her skills and talents are instrumental in making both My Central Florida Family and the Florida Kids & Family Expo a true benefit to all families within their communities.

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 Central Florida FamilyMeet Lisa.

As a business owner and working mother, Lisa has been juggling family and career for nearly 20 years. As a constant volunteer for organizations around Central Florida, Lisa understands the importance of serving others in the community. Her desire to showcase all that our area has to offer, Lisa works tirelessly to bring new ideas and concepts to My Central Florida Family and the Florida Kids and Family Expos. Her success running her own company and the joy she can simultaneously bring to her family makes Lisa the ideal creative mind for our events.

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