British Swim School Orlando

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British Swim School Orlando

We’d love to welcome British Swim School Orlando to the Central Florida community! With 35 years of experience, British Swim School offers swimming lessons for infants through adults. With small class sizes, they teach survival lessons and stroke development through fun and gentle methods.

British Swim School also offers Mommy and Me Classes, swim team sign ups and more.

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Or, call 407-574-6916 to speak with a representative!

With summer coming up, it’s imperative that your kiddos know how to swim. Get them enrolled today.

From British Swim School:

The British Swim School SW Orlando family is delighted to offer on-going enrollment into British Swim School’s unique program at any of our local pools.

We’re dedicated to excellence in everything we do. We’re also confident we have the right class for your littlest learner, your returning ‘tween, or an adult who has not yet learned to swim. Highly trained instructors teach our fun, gentle methods in small class settings. Combine these benefits with our warm-water, indoor pools and you’re guaranteed the best possible learning environment.

Whether you’re seeking a welcoming ‘Mommy and me’ class or wish to concentrate on stroke development, simply click the “ Find a class now “ button to begin selecting a class that best serves you or your little one’s needs.

Not sure which program suits or still have questions? Call our friendly locally based customer service team. We are here to help you with every aspect of your swim journey.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our pools very soon!

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British Swim School Orlando Upcoming Classes:


3 Months to 35 Months with Parent (8 Children Max)
This is our starting program for all infants and helps us introduce them to the water for the first time, reducing their fear and the potential of tears. Using our parent-assisted approach, we will work with you and show you how to swim safely with your child. British Swim School Orlando


3 Months to 35 Months With Parent (4 Children Max)
Focusing on water survival, babies are taught these skills on a one to one basis through a structured program of songs,games and fun. Entry into this class can only come after Tadpole enrollment and will be decided by the instructor.

Young Minnow

18 Months to 35 Months (4 Children Max)
The instructor works one-on-one with each child following the same structure and emphasis on water survival as the Swimboree class. Parents are required to sit on the pool deck during class.


Over 3 Years, Introductory Skills (4 Children Max)
Children participate in this small group concentrating on fun, safety and independence in the water. Watch as your little ones and their instructor have fun while learning basic water survival techniques.

Turtle One

Introductory Skills (4 Children Max)
In this small group, children focus on preparing for swim stroke classes by learning the basics of “face-in” breathing and being able to demonstrate propulsion techniques.

Turtle Two

Swimming Skills (6 Children Max)
Swimmers focus on the correct arm, leg and breathing coordination for three strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke. Students also get an introduction to Butterfly. Groups of twos and threes.

Shark One

Advanced Swimming Skills (6 Children Max)
Swimmers refine their stroke and breathing techniques, as well as increasing stamina in all four strokes.

Shark Two

Pre-Team Swimmers (6 Children Max)
Students are prepared for future swim team participation with attention on drills, starts and turns, individual medleys and increasing speed and stamina in the water.

Adult Classes

18 years and older, Beginners to experienced
Small groups & personalized attention focused on the areas you need the most. Apart from the safety aspect, swimming is a great form of exercise with heart healthy benefits and no damaging impact on your joints.

Swim Team

The Barracudas are the superstars of our program! Coached by experienced instructors, students improve their individual technique. Swimming regularly to further increase distance, stamina and speed, this fun league develops competition and team-building. British Swim School Orlando




Disclaimer: This British Swim School Orlando event is subject to last minute cancellations and changes which might not be reflected in this post. Please always confirm with this family-friendly business by calling or clicking.

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