Calling all Kid Paleontologists for Dino Day

by Jo Tripp | March 19, 2017 8:55 am

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Calling all Kid Paleontologists for Dino Day

Calling all Kid Paleontologists for Dino Days – Ages 4-10.  Mad Science is at Leu Gardens March 21st from 9am-noon and March 23rd from 1-4pm during Dino Days.  Leu Gardens is located at 1920 N. Forest Avenue in Orlando.


Calling all Kid Paleontologists for Dino Day[6]

Kids, become a paleontologist for a day with Mad Science Scientist!

During Dino Days at Leu Gardens for this 3 hour session, you can dig for dinosaur bones, make your own fossil and hunt for dinosaurs in the gardens along with your Mad Science Scientist.

Space is limited.  For questions contact Mad Science at 386-898-4570 or email at[7].  You can purchase tickets by clicking here[8] for March 21st date, or here[9] for the March 23rd date.

You must wear tennis shoes and outdoor clothes and bring a hat/visor and a water bottle. Registration and payment are required.  Space is limited. Fee: $35 (Leu Members $30).

This event satisfies these Cub Scout Wolf Digging in the Past Patch requirements:
Play a game that demonstrates your knowledge of dinosaurs, such as a dinosaur match game.
Make a fossil cast.
Make a dinosaur dig.
Be a paleontologist, and dig through the dinosaur digs made by your den. Show and explain the ways a paleontologist works carefully during a dig.


Disclaimer: This Mad Science Dino Day event is subject to last minute cancellations and changes which might not be reflected in this post. Please always confirm with this family-friendly business by calling or clicking.

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