Orlando Spring Break 2017

by Brandi Zrallack | 03/15/2017 12:13 pm

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Orlando Spring Break 2017

Orlando Spring Break 2017 – If you’re like me, you’re looking for things to do over Spring Break with your kids and/or family and sometimes need some help with ideas. If you’re planning a stay-cation with your kiddos, here are some ideas that might help you find things to do to make fun family memories.


Orlando Spring Break 2017Below are some of our ideas to help make a Spring Break stay-cation more memorable in Central Florida. No matter what you choose to do, we hope you have an amazing time! Orlando Spring Break 2017

1. Do you have to work? Need a camp for the kiddos? Check out our list of camps[6].

2. Take a day trip[7] or two. We have some suggestions for you on our list of day trips!

3. Check out a State Park in our area and have some outdoor fun hiking, camping, checking out the manatees and more! We have a great list of state parks here[8]. Go canoe or kayak for some back to nature fun!

4. Plan a fun dinner out! Check out our top voted family restaurants[9] in Central Florida or where kids can eat free[10] throughout the week. Or, enjoy some theatrical dinners such as Medieval Times[11] or Pirate’s Dinner Theater[12]!

5. Head out to a park or playground[13] where the kids can be kids in some fantastic parks in our area. If it gets too hot, head to a fun indoor playground[14]!

6. Head to the beach! We have some great beaches in Cocoa, Daytona, New Smyrna or on the west coast with Clearwater Beach! Or, head to a water park! Aquatica[15] is offering $10 off a single day ticket. If the sun is hot, these cooler waters can cool you down! Tickets are $49.99, but you save $10 when you purchase the day before you go! Get the details here[16].

7. Head to the new KidsTown at the Orlando Science Center[17]! Or, make your way to WonderWorks[18] for some big time family fun! Either way, your kiddos will pick up some extra science size enjoyment!

8. Head to Silver Springs[19] and ride a glass bottom boat!

9. Enjoy some time with the gators at Gatorland[20]. Head to Green Meadows Farm[21]. Or, make your way to the Brevard Zoo[22] or Central Florida Zoo[23]. All of these options will have you going wild for animals. Or, check out Wild Florida[24] for a new experience!

10. Affordable fun can be found at Fun Spot[25]. From racing cars to bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, roller coasters and more, you can enjoy a day at Fun Spot.  You can even find a Groupon[26] for some savings! Or, head to the Central Florida Fair[27] (closes 3/19).

11. Head to the movies! Beauty and the Beast opens March 17th! Check out the family review on CommonSense.org[28]. Don’t forget about outdoor movies[29] too!

12. Go roller or ice skating. Astro Skate and Fun Center, Semoran Skateway[30], RDV Sportsplex Ice Den[31], Let’s Skate[32], or Skate Reflections[33] have some great options for you!

13. Try your hand at bowling! Aloma Bowling Centers[34], Boardwalk Bowl[35], King’s Bowl[36], Main Event[37], Firkin & Kegler[38] and Splitsville[39] are some of our favorites!

14. One of my kids’ favorites! Head to Sky Zone Orlando[40], Rebounderz[41], Boing[42] or Airheads Trampoline Park[43]! Let them bounce all the wiggles out.

15. Take the kids to experience La Nouba[44] or Blue Man Group[45]. This is the last month for LaNouba, so consider seeing it before it goes away for good!

16. Head to Kennedy Space Center[46] for some summer space fun. They have a Florida Resident Special running!

17. Have the kids head over to O2B Kids[47] for some indoor play time!

18. Head to the Orlando Eye[48], Skeletons[49], Madam Tussauds[50], or the SeaLife Aquarium[51].

19. Camp out in the backyard! Or, in the living room.

20. Head to Disney Springs[52] and walk around. You can even play with Legos!

21. Check out some of the local resorts like Gaylord Palms[53] or Omni Championsgate[54] with their amazing water parks/areas.

22. Make a treasure hunt for the kids. Once you’ve planned out your week, consider making a list of items for them to find and have them check off the list, take photos, and make a Spring Break book of memories from their treasure hunt to keep after the week if over.

23. Make a garden in the backyard! Perhaps make it a butterfly garden for spring!

24. Go on a picnic. Orlando Spring Break 2017

25. Take the bikes on a trip and find a new path for a family ride!

26. Bake! Find a new recipe. Spend some time in the kitchen making something amazing and fun! Visit a Farmer’s Market[55] for your ingredients.

27. Go pick strawberries[56]!

28. Head to the theme parks! Universal is offering 3 free months with an annual pass. At SeaWorld, you can enjoy buy a pass and get a pass to Aquatica.

29. Spring Clean! Get the kids involved in getting the house cleaned out. No one enjoys it, but it does feel good when it’s done!

30. Check out our daily calendar of events[57] for fun events happening each day!

The sky is the limit! Whether you spend money or go as cost effective as possible, there is so much in our own backyard for you to enjoy. We hope this list helps you find the fun with your family! If there is anything we missed or that we should add, please send your comments to Brandi@MyCentralFloridaFamily.com[58].

Disclaimer: This Orlando Spring Break 2017 event is subject to last minute cancellations and changes which might not be reflected in this MyCentralFloridaFamily.com post. Please always confirm with this family-friendly business by calling or clicking.

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