Sanford Parks

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Sanford Parks

Sanford Parks

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Are you looking for a park or playground to play at with your kiddos? Perhaps you’re looking for Sanford Parks for a play date or birthday party. We’ve worked to put together a list of the parks and playgrounds in Sanford where you can enjoy some outdoor playtime. As always, if you’ve found we’ve missed anything, please contact us anytime at Casselberry Parks

Academy Manor Park

More Info  152 Academy Avenue, Sanford

Bay Avenue Park

More Info  2430 Bay Avenue, Sanford

Bentley-Wilson Park

More Info  701 Orange Avenue, Sanford

Centennial Park

More Info  400 Park Avenue, Sanford

Coastline Park

More Info  900 W. 9th Street, Sanford

Derby Park

More Info  2199 Oregon Avenue, Sanford

Fort Mellon Park

More Info  600 E. 1st Street, Sanford

George Starke Park

More Info  1501 W. 3rd Street, Sanford

George Touhy Park

More Info  601 Elm Avenue, Sanford

Groveview Park

More Info  306 Springview Drive, Sanford

Jinkins Circle Park

More Info  110 W. Jinkins Circle, Sanford

James Dunn Park

More Info  2200 Bel-Air Boulevard, Sanford

Lee P. Moore Park

More Info  106 Sweet Bay Drive, Sanford

Magnolia Avenue Park

More Info  2951 Magnolia Avenue, Sanford

McKibbin Park

More Info  1201 W. 25th Street, Sanford

Veterans Memorial Park

More Info  110 E Seminole Blvd., Sanford

Park on Park

More Info  800 Park Avenue, Sanford

Palucci Park

More Info  E. 1st Street and Sanford Avenue, Sanford

Paw Park

More Info  427 French Avenue, Sanford

Pinehurst Park

More Info  1000 W. 24th Street, Sanford

Herbert “Whitey” Eckstein Youth Sports Complex

More Info  1500 Celery Avenue, Sanford

South Pinecrest Park

More Info  140 Pinecrest Drive, Sanford

Red Barber Park

More Info  201 E. 13th Street, Sanford

Speer Grove Park

More Info  1830 Mellonville Avenue, Sanford

Washington Oaks Park

More Info  101 Sterling Avenue, Sanford

Woodmere Park

More Info  2801 Grove Drive, Sanford

Wynnewood Park

More Info  2401 Summerlin Avenue, Sanford

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