Bioluminescent Evening Experience

Bioluminescent Evening Experience

Bioluminescent Evening Experience – This is the phenomenon where the water glows with any movement and it’s been BRIGHTER than ever!! We’ve actually just entered our peak season, which is super exciting.

Bioluminescent Evening Experience


Summer months are the perfect time to catch a dazzling light show in Central Florida’s brackish and salt waters. The bioluminescent waters are an amazing experience to enjoy with the entire family. Our friends at Get Up and Go Kayaking offer tours in their kayaks of this fascinating light show! Check out one of their trips recently with the video below.


You can find this phenomenon in our brackish and salt water options surrounding Central Florida.


Summer Months

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According to Glowing algae, or bioluminescent algae (most commonly dinoflagellates are the algae responsible for the light) are widespread in the surface waters of most of the world’s oceans. They produce a flash of blue-green light whenever the water they are living in is disturbed by motion. You can commonly see bioluminescence from these dinoflagellates at night in breaking waves, in the wake of a boat, and outlining swimming fish or dolphins. Also, if there is a high concentration of these dinoflagellates in the water right off of a beach, sometimes the “dinos” get washed up on the beach and your footprints will glow as you walk along the beach close to the waterline at night. However, dinos only grow to high concentrations during the summer months (most commonly for the temperate waters along the US mainland). It is only when the dinos are in high concentrations that we can see their bioluminescence from the shore, the rest of the time it is too dim to see with your naked eye (unless you are on a very dark beach on a moonless night).

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