Building Brains Academy Lake Nona

Building Brains Academy Lake Nona – Check out Summer Camp and programs from Building Brains Academy located in Lake Nona.

Building Brains Academy Lake NonaVisit Building Brains Academy for ages up to 10 to experience:

• Languages (Spanish, English, Mandarin, French)
• Gardening
• Cooking
• Soccer
• Water Days
• STEAM Labs
• Music

Building Brains Academy is a language-immersion preparatory preschool that provides an outstanding curriculum with a STEAM focus and a high level of academic excellence. Our program offers a rich, interdisciplinary, multilingual experience for children, 6 weeks through Pre-K, in an intercultural environment. Through our multilingual immersion approach, Building Brains Academy offers a full-immersion Spanish, Mandarin, French, and English language program that focuses on the unique way children naturally absorb new languages in their early years.

Building Brains Academy offers a safe, secure, and loving environment for all children. We believe in quality care for our kids that promotes emotional and intellectual development. Building Brains Academy is able to accomplish this through multilingual immersion in combination with the STEAM approach, as well as balanced nutrition with homemade meals using natural and fresh ingredients. Our staff members are certified professionals who are passionate about child development. They guide all our children (6 weeks through Pre-K) with care through a process of self-discovery.

Building Brains Academy believes in empowering children and promoting their individuality while creating an environment that helps young children attain physical, cognitive, social, and emotional achievements to prepare them for the next step in life. Partnerships between families and the center are essential to the growth and development of each child. We strive to create and promote a strong bond with our families to develop a sense of community that is warm and compassionate.

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Building Brains Academy is committed to providing a challenging and enriching early childhood education for your child that integrates the latest developments in the fields of neurology, education, and child psychology to produce the most effective and stimulating learning techniques for the child of the 21st century.

Our Thinking Based Educational program created for the 21st century integrates the best teaching philosophies and practices from around the world to promote intellectual, social, and moral autonomy in every child at every stage of life.

Our preschool curriculum incorporates all early childhoold developmental skills including:

  • Thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Team Building
  • Values and Positive Behaviors

The Edu1st Vess curriculum is influenced by:

  • The National Curriculum of England and Wales
  • The Australian guideline of education
  • The Primary Years Program (PYP) from the IB World schools and by
  • Reggio Emilia schools’ approach and philosophy

Children learn their best while having fun! Through play and fun projects, they will be constantly encouraged to use their new language skills. They will play musical instruments, create artwork, sing, build toys, and make wonderful friends while learning a new language.

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