Dave and Buster’s Family Video Review


Dave and Buster’s Family Video Review

Dave and Buster’s Family Video Review – In August 2018, we journeyed to Dave & Buster’s on International Drive in Orlando. For an indoor family experience at the arcade, this is a stop you won’t want to miss with the family.

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Dave and Buster’s can be found at 8986 International Dr in Orlando. This is an indoor arcade and it’s packed full of different arcade experiences. From carnival type games to a giant Space Invaders game and more, there is something for everyone at this venue.

When you arrive, you will purchase a game card and you can choose how many “coins” to put on the card. Just know that each game requires a different number of coins, based on the game.

As you peruse the space, when you find a game you want to play, you just insert your card and the “coins” will be deducted from your card. You can replenish the card at any time and as needed.

Dave and Buster's Family Video Review

Dave and Buster’s also offers private rooms for birthday parties or events! Or, you can utilize their restaurant area for a bite to eat or something to drink! Or, even sit there to watch sports!

Below are our Top 5 Tips for visiting this venue:

1. Reuse your Power Card. You can bring it back over and over and over. They do charge you for a new card, but you can reuse it anytime and you won’t have to pay for a new one on your next visit.

2. Save up your tickets. You can exchange tickets in their “shop” and obviously, the more tickets you have, the better the gifts you can get!

3. Walk around first. Take a look at which games you want to play and take note of the number of “coins” you’ll need first. This way, you know how many to purchase and how you’ll use them.

4. Share a Power Card. If you can, share one card with the family. If you walk the venue together, you can enjoy watching each other play and it helps make your dollar stretch.

5. Check out the Jurassic Park attraction. They have a Jurassic Park simulator which is pretty cool.

Click here for tickets and more information.

Disclaimer: This Dave and Buster’s Family Video Review is based on the experience of My Central Florida and should be taken as opinion of that experience. Details are subject to change over time so be sure to verify details from our accounts.

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