Disney After Hours Family Video Review


Disney After Hours Family Video Review

Disney After Hours Family Video Review – If you want a MAGICAL experience at the Magic Kingdom, this event is for you. Check out our Family Video Review below for the Disney After Hours event.

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In July 2018, Walt Disney World invited My Central Florida Family to experience Disney After Hours! This is an event where the Magic Kingdom stays open for three additional hours to a limited number of guests. What do that mean? No Sun (because it’s open from 10 PM to 1 AM), no lines, no crowds and little to no wait on each and every ride!

What’s more? They provide unlimited, free popcorn, ice cream novelties and certain bottled drinks throughout the event! Who knew?

Disney After Hours Family Video Review

I have to say, this one of my TOP 2 experiences at Disney. The first was back in September 2004, when Hurricane Ivan was hitting Central Florida with some clouds and sprinkles, but everyone else was hunkered down. We didn’t see more than 50 people the entire day. But, this was kind of like that! We had not one wait and, sometimes, saw not one person in a line or on a ride. It was spectacular!

If you dislike the crowds or the lines, this is an event for you. The cost is $119 for the event. But, not to worry, they allow you to enter the park at 7 PM, so you can actually enjoy a full 6 hours of the Magic Kingdom for the $119 rate (and don’t forget the snacks mentioned above are included).

We simply can’t say enough good things about this event. We rode some of our favorite rides more than once. We saw all the characters that were there for the evening (Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, Mickey and more)! We were able to get to every ride and experience we wanted to and had a blast without bumping into other people for the experience.

Below, find our Top 5 Suggestions for enjoying this event with your family!

1. Take a nap before heading out…especially if you’re going to try and take younger kids. It will help with exhaustion as we didn’t get home until 2 AM.

2. Eat dinner before the park closes because you won’t find any big meals for this special event. The restaurants (except the bakery) are closed for purchases.

3. Take the opportunity to catch the fireworks at the castle. We got there 45 minutes early and got a GREAT seat. You don’t have to worry about exiting with the crowds because while they’re leaving, you’re staying to play! We went to Dumbo and Little Mermaid first after the fireworks, counting on a smaller wait time since the official event didn’t start until 10 PM and the fireworks were over around 9:35 PM.

4. If you can, get Fast Passes for the 7-9 PM hours. This will help ensure you enjoy even more rides before the official event even starts.

5. Don’t skip out on the character meet and greets. With the lines SO long during a normal day, it’s a walk right up experience to get pictures and have interactions you wouldn’t normally take the time to do!

We hope this event is something that fits within your family’s budget, because it will certainly fit within your family’s expectations and joy! Even if it’s for a Parent’s Night Out, treat yourself to one of the best events Disney offers, in our opinion! It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy Disney to yourself.

Disclaimer: This Disney After Hours Family Video Review is based on the experience of My Central Florida and should be taken as opinion of that experience. Details are subject to change over time so be sure to verify details from our accounts.

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