Disney Toy Story Land Family Video Review

Disney Toy Story Land Family Video Review

Disney Toy Story Land Family Video Review – Toy Story Land does not disappoint. Fun for the whole family and with rides to suit all ages, you won’t want to miss out on the experience of this remarkable land of toys as you visit Andy’s backyard and all the fun that comes along with visiting.

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In July 2018, we were invited by Walt Disney World to visit Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Boy, were we amazed at the attention to detail and thought that went into this marvelous new land. When you turn the corner, you can see an array of colors and delightful toys. Only as you walk up, do you realize that you are a miniature toy in Andy’s backyard (don’t forget to notice the big footprints on the ground).

There are three rides in Toy Story Land: Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania! (one of my favorites). Now, I don’t really do roller coasters, so I sent my son and sister on the ride and they came off of it absolutely delighted saying it was one of their favorite rides of all the park rides! The idea of riding in a slinky toy is magical, as it winds its way up and down hills, slinks back before jetting you off as you reach for the sky, takes you up and down smallish hills and winds you through until the end. It was fascinating to watch and, I’m sure, thrilling to ride! Disney Toy Story Land Family Video Review

Now, I did ride the Alien Swirling Saucers and I found it not-so-alien. Reminiscent of the tea cups, but without the nauseous feeling at the end, these saucers whip you around three different circles (an imagineering marvel) and I loved the sling effect it created. The sensation is much stronger than you would expect. It was a great concept and a fun-tastic ride!

Toy Story Mania! has been in the park for some time and I’ve enjoyed it many times. I love interactive rides and I enjoy being competitive with my husband and kiddos. Shooting visual plates, rings, balls and more, the more you hit, the more points you make. Watch out for the higher point items to really boost your score. I ended up around 170,000 points on my trip this time, but I know I can do better!

We also made a stop to Woody’s Lunchbox. It was not the typical Disney fare and we loved the unique take on some unique dishes. The kids loved the pastries!

A trip to Hollywood Studios isn’t complete for this family without a stop to For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Celebration. We had a great time belting out the songs and playing in the snow as it came down! It’s one of our favorite experiences at Hollywood Studios (next to the new Toy Story Land).

Check out our Top 5 Suggestions for visiting Hollywood Studios and Toy Story Land:

1. Get fast passes if you can. Wait times were over an hour.

2. If you can’t get fast passes, get there early before the crowds (and afternoon storms in the summer) set in.

3. Watch out for the soldiers…they’re so fun to watch walking through and interacting with people through Andy’s backyard.

4. If the lines are too long to get pictures with the actual Buzz and Woody, don’t worry, their images and replicas are all over the place. We opted for photos in front of the large Woody statue at the entrance and the Buzz Lightyear next to the Alien Swirling Saucers.

5. At Woody’s Lunchbox, appoint a family scout to look for a table while you’re in line to order. It will help secure a spot to eat before the food comes out!

We hope your family is able to get out there and enjoy Toy Story Land and all of the wonderful rides and adventures at Hollywood Studios soon.

Disclaimer: This Disney Toy Story Land Family Video Review is based on the experience of My Central Florida and should be taken as opinion of that experience. Details are subject to change over time so be sure to verify details from our accounts.

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