Dr. Phillips Center Family Video Review


Dr. Phillips Center Family Video Review

Dr. Phillips Center Family Video Review – The Dr. Phillips Center brings acts and performances from all over the country (and world) to the stage in Central Florida. Checking out a performance can make for a romantic Parent’s Night Out or a great family event.

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In July 2018, we took a trip of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Orlando to see Paw Patrol with my Central Florida Family. Now, we’ve attended many events at the Dr. Phillips Center, from comedians to Broadway shows to celebrity performances and, not once have we been disappointed.

When you arrive, you can choose to park in a parking garage (there are several around the area), a parking lot (we usually use the one right behind the center), or you can valet right out front! No matter which you choose, it’s a lovely walk through Downtown Orlando to get to the center. You can even choose to stop for a drink, dinner and more along the way with tremendous dining on Church Street, down Orange Avenue and more. One of our favorites is Vanbarry’s, located 3 miles from the center to the south. Dr. Phillips Center Family Video Review

Once you arrive to Dr. Phillips Center, and you enter through security, your met with a beautiful staircase and open first floor, where you can use the restrooms, find a comfy seat for people watching or get a drink or snack. If your seats are located in the balcony, head up the stairs or elevator for your entrance door. They’re clearly marked and there are many staff members to assist you.

We love to get there an hour early, get a drink and sit and watch the people walk by. There are high tops, couches, and comfy chairs located on each level.

Once inside the theater, you’ll marvel at its beauty. I’ve never had a bad seat in the house! The technology, sound, and design are top-notch and we couldn’t ask for more from our local theater.

Below are our Top 5 Suggestions for attending an event at Dr. Phillips Center.

1. Get there early. From dining to relaxing and unwinding to drinking and snacking, it’s nice to unwind before the start of the performance.

2. If you’re seated in the middle of a row, find your seat early so you don’t have to step over everyone to get there. If you’re seated on an aisle, perhaps wait until the final call before going in so that you don’t have people stepping over you to get to their seats. There is always a final call before the show starts!

3. Allow the seat attendants assist you to your seat to avoid confusion in finding it.

4. Use the restroom before heading in. They can get pretty crowded during an intermission.

5. Know before you go! Check out the list of things you should know if you’ve not been to the Dr. Phillips Center before! Click here for more information.

We hope you enjoy the next show as a parent’s night out or with the family. There is such great variety at the Dr. Phillips Center, so don’t miss your chance to make this memory with your Central Florida family.

Disclaimer: This Dr. Phillips Center Family Video Reviewis based on the experience of My Central Florida and should be taken as opinion of that experience. Details are subject to change over time so be sure to verify details from our accounts.