Educational Websites for Kids During the Coronavirus

Educational Websites for Kids During the Coronavirus

Educational Websites for Kids During the Coronavirus – Below are a list of websites and education resources for your children while we social distance at home.

Educational Websites for Kids During the Coronavirus

Learn It Live Math Lessons

Amy was one of my students. I loved teaching her in 4th grade and now, she’s teaching others! Live Math Lessons with local teacher Amy More Sink Are you feeling “stuck”?! Are you feeling nervous about having to teach math to your child for the next few days/weeks/months while we are virtually learning? I would love for your child to join us on Facebook Live for a live learning session for math!! It will be engaging, fun, and grade level specific!!


SeaWorld and Busch Gardens:

Take an in-depth look at animals all over the world, including information about their habitats, dietary habits, scientific classification and more.


Josh Gad Story-time:

The voice behind Olaf is reading to your kids. You can access his storytimes on his Twitter feed. Here is the link:

Watch Me Draw:

Learn the secrets of creating a complex drawing but in a simple format with multiple camera angles. And basically at $29/mo you get unlimited drawing and sculpting videos on demand with new ones added each day.   More…

Elementary School:

Middle School:

High School:

Videos and Live Streams:

Interactive Virtual Tours:

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