EPCOT in the Time of COVID-19 Family Photo Review

EPCOT in the Time of COVID-19 Family Photo Review

EPCOT in the Time of COVID-19 Family Photo Review – We took a trip to EPCOT in August 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We were so pleasantly surprised by the low attendance and cleanliness of the parks. Here is our Family Photo Review.


If you’re like me, you might be very nervous about heading to the parks right now. For me, I made the decision to go to the Magic Kingdom re-opening in July. You can check out our Family Video Review here for Magic Kingdom. Many of the same safety measures are in place with EPCOT so we didn’t want to film it all over again, but we did want to share some photos of what EPCOT looked like on our visit.

EPCOT Family Photo Review:

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Top 5 Tips for enjoying EPCOT during COVID-19:

  1. Make your reservation. If you purchase tickets, you can go just about anytime. The same is true if you’re a resort guest. Annual passholders have more limited options, but if you plan ahead, you’ll have no problem getting your reservations.
  2. Through October, plan for it to be hot! While the lack of crowds are nice, the weather is still the same so plan accordingly.
  3. Bring your masks. Gaiters and masks with valves are not permitted. You can purchase masks on site as well. They’re about $6 each and come with adorable Disney characters.
  4. Bring hand sanitizers if you prefer having your own. This applies to any other safety options that are important to you.
  5. Take time to do and see the things you never get to do or see. Leave no part of the park undiscovered. With the lesser wait times and lack of crowds, there is no excuse to use the extra space and the extra time to do the things you never do!

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Disclaimer: This Family Photo Review is only the opinion of My Central Florida Family and we encourage you to make your own decisions based on our photos and videos. We are not endorsing or dissuading you from this experience. We’re only sharing our experience with you.

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