Florida Kids and Family Expo Exhibitor Comments

What have past exhibitors said about the expo?

We are so grateful to have so many exhibitors and sponsors that have praised our expo year in and year out. Check out just some of the comments we’ve received from past events. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have!

Exhibitor Reviews from 2022
Exhibitor Reviews from 2021
Exhibitor Reviews from 2019

“Hope you were able to catch your breath after another very successful FL Kids & Family Expo! We had a great time and all the staff that worked shifts said they were busy the whole time talking with folks.  You guys are AWESOME! We love this event!” – Michael, Seminole County Public Schools

“We love working with you and loved being part of the expo! We met so many amazing families! Looking forward to (next year)!” – Christine, Ever After Character Events

“Thank you! We had a great time and really appreciate all you do to put this on! Great job!” – Grant, Princesses and Princes

“It was my first time but it’s a great event!” – Lily, Orlando Science Center

“My Central Florida Family, thanks! We love to be a part of this project, we have a lot of new friends. See you next year!” – Dog Show Menestrelli

“Thank you Brandi, you’re the best! What a stellar event as well. Incredibly organized, so many fun things to see and do and very well attended! Congratulations!” -Stefanie, Florida Film Academy

“Many thanks to you, Jo and the entire my central Florida family team. Chatty Mc had an excellent time at the expo. Being exhibitors was not only profitable but we were able to make many connections for future success. Thank you so much for having Chatty Mc. We look forward to joining you in the years to come. ” -Jenelle, Chatty Mc, Inc.

“Thanks again for a wonderful event.” – Susan, Doctor D’s

Great expo again this year!” – Jenny, Victory Martial Arts

“I am very pleased with how you ran the expo. I want to do it again next year… would you advise how soon I can secure my spot?” -Kiki, DoTerra Essential Oils

This was an awesome event for us!! We are def. on board for next year. ” – Mariana, Wartella Home Team

“That was awesome, We had a great time So much fun and we did VERY WELL as a company. Can’t wait till next year.” – Joe, My Solar Guy Florida

“1st day and 1st time being exhibitors…best experience EVER!” -Judith, Sweet Creativity  Exhibitor Information

“I just wanted to follow up with you after last weeks great expo event. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to gain some exposure helping to promote our upcoming charity event, Kicking Kids Cancer. There was lots of strong interest and we have picked up many new leads from it. I wanted to take the opportunity, on behalf of everybody here at XL Soccer World, to say a huge thank you…I hope our event is at capacity this year with a high turn out, helping us raise that $60,000 target that we have set our eyes on!” -Grace, XL Sports World

“Congratulations on an amazing event! I am so disappointed that I could not be there, but heard a lot of great reports!” -Marie, Nathaniel’s Hope

“First off, CONGRATULATIONS on a phenomenal event this past weekend. It was a pleasure to be on-site and see a successful event impact that many families and children.  Mark us down for next year, I want to come back!!!!” -Amanda Jones, ORLANDO MAGIC

“You must be over the moon with the extreme success! I cannot thank you enough for a meticulously planned event. It was truly exceptional! Brandi, you are a special, special person.” –Gloria, New Hope for Kids

“This weekend’s expo went great for our How to Do Florida team (booth 518). Thanks for putting together this expo!” –Amanda, Crawford Group

“We had an absolute blast this weekend at the expo! Our performances went great and we sold out on tickets! One of the Knights said that was the best marketing event he has ever done. Thank you for everything and we are already looking forward to next year!” -Raven Laurenceau , Medieval Times

“This event was so professionally organized, promoted and executed that we had not only a good time but a setting that was professional. Brandi, we want to thank you and your team for an amazing event. We appreciate your efforts and applaud you and your team for a great weekend.” -Barry & Sue Bressler Directors, Kids Against Hunger Florida, Inc.

“Yes we did get puppies adopted!  And got tons of people to sign up for our event emails.  So for us it was hugely successful…what is your secret? Thank you all so much for a very successful and beautifully orchestrated event!  You all do an amazing job with coordinating all of the details and making sure we are all kept informed, and any questions or concerns we had were always answered immediately and through completion.” ” –Helen, Pet Alliance

“I just wanted to Thank You again for ALL your HARD Work!!!!  The Expo was MAGNIFICENT!!! It was most beneficial to my agency and Personal Self Esteem regarding my business as well. Thank You SO MUCH!!!!” -Judythe E. Pepin, MS, RMHCI, Avalon Family Services

“Thank you so much! We had a wonderful time, and look forward to seeing you guys at the event next year!” -Kirsten Rodriguez, Long and Scott Farms

The event was FANTASTIC!  You all did an outstanding job executing on what you said you were going to do. Great layout!  Great combination of vendors. Great processes for loading and unloading. Well planned my friend.  Well done ladies and thanks for including Tutor Doctor. I was very happy with the progress we made with visitors!” -Michele Keen, Tutor Doctor

It was an honor to be part of such an awesome event!” –Ashley, Happy Faces

“Thanks very much for everything Brandi. The event was terrific. Enjoy a well deserved break!! I would be very interested in doing it again next year” –Myra, Watters Irish Dancing

Great event !!! Thanks for everything.” –Tkea, Avalon Dance

I will definitely join you all!” –Everett, TechMe Avalon

“Hi Brandi, I want to say what a great first year show for you!!!! Bravo for you and your staff!” –Patrice, RSI Travel

“Great ! Brandi , I think it was a great expo. We have  received good feedback.  I appreciate all your support, help and patience. Look forward to be in expo (next year).” –Angela, Northwestern Mutual

“First, let me start off by saying what a phenomenal job you did. I know this is no small task so kudos to you and your team on quite an amazing job! You can count on us for next year’s expo and we’d love to chat with you about sponsoring a specific section.” – Monica, Once Upon a Child

All I can say is that you and your entire team – ROCK!!! When all the dust settles and you catch your breath I would like to get together in a couple of weeks and discuss marketing strategies to promote our product. Thanks for a great Expo!!!” –David, TRIDECK – Skate Anywhere

“Thank you so incredibly much for all the work that you did putting together this amazing.  We had a great experience and we all got several good leads per center. We definitely want to be a part of it next year and PLEASE we would like the same booth location we received. Once again, thank you on behalf of all of the Central Florida Mathnasiums and myself in particular. Please do not hesitate to call me if there is anything at all that you need.” -Rochelle M., Mathnasium  Exhibitor Information

“YOU DID AMAZING!” –Anthony, Prenatal impressions

“Brandi…Super great job done on the Kids & Family Expo!  Kudos to you and your staff for creating such an amazingly fabulous event!!” –Sandy, Journey to Joy

“I too want to ditto all the responses below.  In Fun Spot words, it was a HUGE success!  Thanks for all your hard work, it paid off.  I’ve already put it on my calendar for next year.” –Lola, Fun Spot

“Congratulations on an amazing event! We were thrilled to be a part and thank you for the opportunity! We were able to connect with so many families that have kids with disabilities that were unaware of our free services! Thank you for the opportunity to be there.” –Marie, Nathaniel’s Hope

We definitely want to be a part of this again.” –Beth, Thirty-one Gifts  Exhibitor Information

“Thanks Brandi.  It was awesome!  Looking forward to next year.” –Chris, WFTV

This was the best event in Orange County we have attended and we are looking forward to next year!” –Sally, Florida Virtual School Full Time  Exhibitor Information

“Thank you again for this opportunity, this was definitely a success!! There are a number of families I am still in touch with and I am guiding them through the process of insuring their children and families for little or no cost. This was definitely the most fruitful event I have attended, people were so thrilled to have a “human” to talk to about their applications and account issues. I will be in touch about next year!” –Ashley, Florida Covering Kids

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