Florida Kids and Family Expo Producers Story

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Florida Kids and Family Expo Producers Story

Florida Kids and Family Expo Producers Story – In 2014, two moms set off on an adventure to help other Central Florida moms and dads find resources, opportunities, information and things to do in Seminole, Orange, Lake, Osceola, and even Brevard and Volusia counties. Here’s their story.

Florida Kids and Family Expo Producers Story

Meet Brandi:

Brandi moved to Central Florida from Jacksonville, where she was born, in 1976. Living in Seminole County, and attending Seminole County Public Schools, she was the child of a teacher and marketing administrator. Her mother worked for Walt Disney World, a local cable network and AT&T. Her father was a school teacher in Orange and Seminole counties.

In 1995, after graduating from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!), Brandi herself became an elementary school teacher for 7 years. Why did she stop teaching?

In 2002, she became a mother, a role that changed her life forever. You can understand that claim, I’m sure. While she was a “stay at home” mom, she started and operated a wedding planning company where she began producing the largest wedding/bridal shows in Central Florida. She sold that company and went to work for a local wedding magazine under a national brand. She began producing wedding shows and producing wedding publications throughout the country.

Again, in 2010, she welcomed a second child. In 2012, she went through treatment for breast cancer (yes, the whole experience). In 2014, she decided she needed to slow down as she was traveling across the country and working her fingers to the bone. In July 2019, she’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage. And, as a family, she and her husband were always looking for opportunities, fun and resources for her family in her own backyard. She always failed to find the information she sought.

So, in 2014, she and Jo started MyCentralFloridaFamily.com and the Florida Kids and Family Expo. This year, they celebrate the 5th Annual expo and they couldn’t be more grateful! This event and website were created to help families like theirs that were always looking for ideas like theirs. Since then, more similar sites began to pop up, but they stay steadfast in providing an enrichment of daily events, news, and more to keep families connected and informed.

Brandi focuses on the site functionality, newsfeed blogs, and production and marketing for the Florida Kids and Family Expo. She loves feeling like she’s helping others every single day.

Meet Jo:

Jo moved to Central Florida in the summer of 1968. She celebrated her 50th anniversary of being a Central Florida resident this year and has witnessed all of the changes in our community for half a century. Am I making her sound too old? We like to think of her as seasoned!

She had her first and only child in 1974. Like us, but back in the 20th century, she was constantly looking for things to do with her family. But, the internet wasn’t an option, so she improvised and did what she could for family fun!

Opening the Walt Disney World Resort as a cast member, she watched the changes that came over Central Florida for decades. She went to work for Cablevision (now Spectrum after many transitions) and eventually Bellsouth which turned into AT&T. She retired from full time work in 2015, just 2 weeks before the first Florida Kids and Family Expo.

In 2002, she became a grandmother, and again in 2010. She lives with her daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. She, too, is constantly looking for things to do with her grandkids and understands the challenge other grandparents, that are heavily involved with their grandkids, have.

After owning and operating a wedding planning company with Brandi from 2000-2007, it was natural for them to partner again on a service that assists families. Jo works on the calendars, customer service, and production of the Florida Kids and Family Expo. Jo says working on MyCentralFloridaFamily.com and the Florida Kids and Family Expo brings her fulfillment in her retirement years, knowing she’s helping kids out there find the fun in Central Florida.

Have you guessed the correlation in the two stories of Brandi and Jo?

Additional Contributors:

Brandi and Jo would be remiss not to mention their many contributors. None of this would be possible without the contributions of staff (internal and outsourced). To Lisa, Debbie, Tracy, Angela, Jill, Tom, Anne, Joe, Rob, Michele, Dale, Evelyn, Stacey, and more, thank you for all you do to ensure the expo and website are functioning, full of information, and connecting thousands of Central Florida families with what’s happening in Central Florida!

The Future:

Brandi and Jo will continue to work together to produce a quality website with detailed information and opportunities for Central Florida families. Along with the highly popular Florida Kids and Family Expo, they look forward to serving our community with these resources every day, year in and year out.

Join Us:

We hope that you will consider joining Brandi and Jo at the Florida Kids and Family Expo.

More Information:

You can get more details about this epic expo for Central Florida families here.

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