Footloose Auditions 2018


Footloose Auditions 2018

Footloose Auditions 2018 – Does your kiddo love acting and performing? Check out the auditions for Footloose the Musical at St. Luke’s on May 20 and 21!

Footloose Auditions 2018

Come join us at auditions for FOOTLOOSE. This summer, Theater at St. Luke’s will be telling the story of a teenager’s adventure in a new town. Ren McCormack and his mother move to a small town and realize it’s quite different than the city life they are used to. The town has banned dancing. With the help of his new-found friends Ariel and Willard, Ren convinces the Reverend and town to let kids dance! Through doing so, Ren reveals some of the towns unhealed wounds which helps everyone have understanding and acceptance of who they are. This show is full of dancing, laughing and fun! It’s good for the all ages.

Music by Tom Snow

Lyrics by Dean Pitchford

Directed by Steve MacKinnon
Music Directed by John Mason III
Choreography by Spencer Morrow

Auditions: 5/20/18 and 5/21/18
Callbacks: 5/23/18
Rehearsals: 6/8/18-8/2/18 (Sunday through Wednesday evenings)
Performances: 8/3/18-8/12/18 (Thursdays through Sundays)
Tech Week: 7/29/18-8/2/18

Please prepare 32 bars of a song (in the style of the show).

Bring sheet music; accompanist provided.

You may be asked to read from the script.

Please bring a photo and resume, stapled back-to-back.

All Roles are Non-Paid

Auditioning ages 15 and Up

All auditions will be by appointment only. CLICK HERE to schedule an audition appointment.

Seeking diverse ensemble of actors for multiple character roles, singers, and dancers.

Character Breakdown

REN MCCORMACK (Tenor)– Teenager from Chicago, fun, quick-witted and loves to dance, out-going personality. Ethel’s son. Must be able to dance.

ETHEL MCCORMACK (Mezzo) – Ren’s mother.

REVEREND SHAW MOORE (Baritone) – Bomont’s religious leader, father to Ariel.

VI MOORE (Mezzo) – Reverend’s wife & Ariel’s mother.

ARIEL MOORE (Mezzo Belt)- Reverend and Vi’s daughter. Rebellious for a reverend’s daughter, more mischevious than negative. Must sing and dance well. Vocal Ability for vocal improvisation a plus.

LULU WARNICKER (Speaking Role)- Ren’s Aunt, married to Wes.

WES WARNICKER (Speaking Role)- Ren’s uncle, married to Lulu.

COACH ROGER DUNBAR (Speaking Role) – Coach of local high school.

ELEANOR DUNBAR (Speaking Role)– Wife of Coach Dunbar.

RUSTY (Soprano) – One of Ariel’s friends.

WENDY JO (Mezzo)- One of Ariel’s friends

URLEEN (Soprano) – One of Ariel’s friends

CHUCK CRANSTON (Tenor) – Ariel’s boyfriend. local “bad boy”. Doesn’t like Ren. Sings

LYLE (Tenor) – One of Chuck’s friend

TRAVIS (Tenor)- One of Chuck’s friend

WILLARD HEWITT (Tenor)- Big guy, short temper, loves his mama. Befriended by Ren.

PRINCIPAL HARRY CLARK (Speaking Role) – Principal of Boumont High School, enforcer of rules.

COP/COUNTRY FIDDLER (Speaking Role) – Boumont’s cop

BETTY BLAST (Spoken)- Worker at local diner. Comedic character roles, accent would be fun. Must be able to roller-skate.

JETER (Tenor) – Friend of Willard.

BICKLE (Tenor) – Friend of Willard.

GARVIN (Baritone) –  Friend of Willard.

COWBOY BOB (Speaking Role)- Cowboy hat, boots and an attitude. Thinks of himself as the only “real man” in the room.

And MANY more ensemble roles.

Theater at St. Luke’s is located at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Road

Orlando, FL 32819


Disclaimer: This Footloose Auditions 2018 event is subject to last minute cancellations and changes which might not be reflected in this post. Please always confirm with this family-friendly business by calling or clicking.

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