Friendship Park Family Video Review

Friendship Park Family Video Review

Friendship Park Family Video Review – Enjoy a day with the kids at Oviedo’s Friendship Park. Our Family Video Review is below! Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see all our new Family Video Reviews.

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Friendship Park, located in Oviedo, is a fun and exhilarating park for little kiddos and for older kiddos too. Located at 200 W. Broadway Street (directions), this park is in the heart of Oviedo!

With multiple slides, some of them high and fast, climbing walls, monkey bars, stairs, and a multi-level playground, this park has something for all. There is even a small tiny tots play area for the smallest kids so they don’t get run over by the big kids. 

With covered picnic tables, this park makes a great place for picnics, birthday parties or a chill place for parents to watch the children play.

There are bathrooms available as well.

The park can get pretty busy during the weekends, so be prepared!

This is our favorite park in the City of Oviedo and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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