Hard Knocks Orlando Review


Family Photo Review: Hard KnocksHard Knocks Orlando Review

This is a Hard Knocks Orlando Review. I’ve been to both Hard Knocks locations: East Orlando and International Drive. They are both comparable in what they offer, but I never realized how life like the experience is. They recommend kids 5+ for this experience. I would agree and might even say 9 or 10+ is a good idea unless there is no one else playing at the time you bring your 5 year old. Yesterday, on a Monday afternoon while kids were in school, it was empty and I could have easily seen my 5 year old and 13 year old playing Hard Knocks Orlando Reviewtogether. But, if you put a bunch of teenagers in there, it might be a bit overwhelming to the little ones.

The vests and guns are pretty real feeling and looking. As I’m not a huge gun fan, it was a little overwhelming for me, but I can see how teenagers would have a ball with it. It’s like your favorite video game come to life. Kids enter into a room, suit up and get their mission. Then, they have Hard Knocks Orlando Revieweither 2 or 3 rooms to choose from where they can fulfill their missions by shooting the other teams. Each player can be shot up to 10 times before they’re out of the game. For $23.99, they will receive 3 missions or 3 times to play.

There are concessions and tables for people to hang out and moms or dads can watch on their screens if they don’t wish to play. Great for birthday Hard Knocks Orlando Reviewparties, Hard Knocks provides a fun and unique experience for kids.

Every year, they offer a Free Combat Day. They also run specials on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, along with other promotions throughout the year.

Try it out and let the kids go wild.