Key Tips for the Florida Kids and Family Expo

Key Tips for the Florida Kids and Family Expo

Key Tips for the Florida Kids and Family Expo – We want to make this event a simple one for your family. Below are our Top Tips for the Florida Kids and Family Expo for making the most of this epic expo for your family.

1. Wear comfortable shoes. As with a theme park, there is a lot of ground to cover (except it’s all air-conditioned)!

2. Print labels at home with your Name, Address, Phone and Email on them. You’ll want about 100-150 labels. With over 150 exhibitors, many of them will be holding drawings and giving away freebies, but you’ll have to leave your information to be registered to win or eligible for the giveaways. Having these labels will save time and hand cramps writing the same information over and over and over again.

3. Pick up My Central Florida Family Magazine at the entrance to the expo. The schedule of events and opportunities will be inside.

4. Strollers are allowed! Again, there will be a lot of walking at this event. You can also use the stroller to hang bags of goodies on!

5. Food carts will be available with favorite food such as hot dogs, pizza, salads and more. You can eat lunch from one of the carts and seating will be provided throughout the expo. If you’d rather not eat from the carts, you’re welcome to bring your own drinks, food and refreshments.

6. Pick up a bag compliments of Z88.3. You’ll find these at the front doors to the expo and they’re GREAT for collecting goodies. Please 1 per family.

7. Parking is discounted to $10 per car. This will allow you to park close to the convention center. We wish it was free too!

8.  Please be sure to supervise your kiddos at all times. We will have a lost parent and first aid station available near the front doors of this event, but we do NOT want to have to use it!

9. Sometimes businesses or individuals that are NOT exhibiting or participating in an event like this will try to show up and hand out materials as they walk around. If you’re handed something from a person that is not tied to their booth or exhibiting area, please discard and disregard. We do not endorse companies or individuals that show up to solicit without proper paperwork and acceptance.

10. We are in Hall C. It’s in the West Concourse and there will be PLENTY of signs to direct you right to us from both the street and within the convention center!

Thank you so much for choosing to experience the Florida Kids and Family Expo. We’ve worked hard to put this event together for you and it’s been a year in the making. We hope your family comes away with some awesome memories and some great information that will help enrich your family in our community!

These are just some of the Tips for the Florida Kids and Family Expo. We hope they help you to enjoy this epic expo.