Let’s Skate Orlando Family Video Review

Let’s Skate Orlando Family Video Review

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Let's Skate Orlando Family Video Review

If you haven’t noticed, roller skating is making a come back! Did it ever really leave us? As an avid roller skater in my youth, it brought back wonderful memories as I took my kiddos to Let’s Skate Orlando in Winter Garden.

I was impressed with the different party rooms that Let’s Skate offers. We uncovered a sports room, party room, rock and roll room, and a princess room. The only thing missing was a super hero room! If you’re looking for a birthday party spot, this was a very smooth and well-oiled experience.

From my youth, there were the essentials: roller skate rentals, video games (I can still remember Pole Position at Semoran Skateway), the quirky “ref” in the black and white striped shirt, the DJ, and the unforgettable snack bar full of cotton candy, pizza and more. In fact, the pizza was pretty good!

What I loved were the PVC pipes that were constructed for the small kids to find success (and their feet) while skating for the first or second times. It’s called the Skate Mate. It proved to be a more fun experience as the kiddos skated with more confidence!

All in all, I wasn’t sure what to expect as we ventured to Let’s Skate, but My Central Florida Family was pleasantly surprised and we had a good time. The kids are already ready to skate again!

Click here for more information on Let’s Skate! Click here for information on their party rooms.

Our Top 5 Suggestions:

1. Bring your socks.

2. For beginning skaters, consider getting the Skate Mate. It’s $10 and you get $5 back when you return it.

3. If you own in-line skates, consider bringing them.

4. Check for Weekly Specials. Click here to see the offers.

5. Consider holding a birthday party here. It makes party planning easy!

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