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Family Photo Review: Medieval Times

Medieval Times ReviewThis Medieval Times review comes from my family’s personal experience.

My family attended the 6:00 PM showing of Medieval Times on a Saturday evening. When we arrived, check in was quite quick and easy. Upon receiving our table number, we journeyed through past a gentleman that handed us a yellow crown and he let us know we would be rooting for the yellow knight.

We entered the lobby and instantly, I was compelled to purchase a light up sword for my son ($13) and a yellow flag ($5) for our knight. I’m so glad I did…which I will explain later).

Upon entering the theater, I was amazed at the size and scope of the IMG_9844venue. The colors were invigorating and I can’t explain what comes over you as you sit down for this unique experience.

Eating from a set menu of chicken, corn, potato, bread and a dessert, everything is consumed with your fingers. There are no utensils. The food was quite good. My son loved the Tomato Bisque soup, which he dunked his bread in to make his version of pizza!

The show begins promptly and the pageantry of horses and characters was breathtaking. Nearly with each course of food, a new contest or plot twist takes place between the King, Princess and Knights in the show. From jousting, beautiful horses, and more, tIMG_9854he show climaxes with the knights fighting one another until one knight is crowned the victor. With sparks from their clashing swords to a nail biting duel between all the knights, I won’t tell you which one won, but both my kids and my husband were cheering and jeering the entire show.

The 5 year old loved the sword fighting which is why I’m so pleased I bought him the light up sword that he could pretend he was a knight with. My 13 year old loved the food and eating with his fingers. He loved jeering the other knights, alongside my husband as well. We all took turns waving our flag and cheering for our knight and it created a memorable family bonding experience.IMG_9855

I’ve not taken my children to Medieval Times before, but I can tell you, that night, when I tucked my 13 year old into bed, he looked up and said to me, “Thanks for taking us there tonight, Mom. I had a great time.” The next morning, the 5 year old showed up in our living room in his knight apparel from his dress up closet, remembering the great time he had the night before.

My family truly enjoyed this family dining experience. If you’ve not attended before, look for savings, Florida resident rates and other offers as IMG_9860Medieval Times takes good care of the locals. In fact, they have a really great offer that they’re placing in the goody bags at the Florida Kids and Family Expo.

For more information on Medieval Times, visit their web site at For special offers, click here.


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