My Central Florida Family Welcome

My Central Florida Family Welcome

This is our My Central Florida Family Welcome Page. We’re so pleased that you have decided to peruse our site and use it to assist you in finding the best events, opportunities, family information and more. We are two moms that have lived in Central Florida for My Central Florida Family Welcomeover 40 years and have always wanted a site just like this to help us find things to do, information and opportunities for our family. So, we started one in 2014.

Tools You Can Use

From our CalendarDirectory of ResourcesNewsFeed Posts and the Florida Kids and Family Expo, we hope you can find as much or as little as you’re looking for.

Simply read through our latest articles on our home page (or click the title of the category to view more NewsFeed posts in that category). Utilize our calendar and search by location, cost, age range and more. Our Directory is here for you to find businesses, schools and organizations to help you thrive. And, of course, the Florida Kids and Family Expo comes every August to the Orange County Convention Center to put these resources RIGHT in front of you!

Family Video Reviews

We occasionally film our experiences at events around Central Florida, so don’t miss our Family Video Reviews! You can find some of our recent videos below and by clicking on the Family Video Reviews title on our home page (or in our category buttons above in the menu bar).


Our calendar and NewsFeed are usually updated every Monday/Tuesday and our weekly newsletter, which we call our Weekly Fun-Letter, goes out every Thursday at 12 PM! So, sign up to receive your Fun-Letter. We will occasionally send an email from a sponsor, so be sure to be on the lookout for those too!

No matter how you use our site, we hope you enjoy it. We work tirelessly every day to find these opportunities for family fun making so that you can focus on the family you want to make those memories with!

Kindest regards,
Jo and Brandi