Orlando Science Center Family Video Review

Orlando Science Center Family Video Review

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Orlando Science Center Family Video Review

In May 2018, My Central Florida visited Orlando Science Center to experience Mess Fest 2018! While there, we took the opportunity to review Orlando Science Center and uncover what was possible at this museum for kids of all ages!

Now, I’ve lived in Central Florida my entire life and I still remember the “old” science center, goose in the lobby and all! This museum is so much more grand. With four floors of science activities, experiments and hands on fun, the Orlando Science Center has fun for kiddos on each and every floor.

One of the things we love most about the science center is that there are traveling exhibits. Some recur year over year, but there is always something new and fun to experience. It’s air conditioned, which is a major plus in Central Florida. as well.

With big screen films and the CineDome, the kids can always have something new to discover on screen as well.

Our Top 5 Suggestions:

1. Consider getting an annual pass to enjoy the various events throughout the year, while saving money in the long run!

2. Take the stairs! There is an elevator, but it often takes a while to get into it, so consider starting at the top and working your way down or vice versa.

3. Follow the schedule of events for the day. They’ve laid out special showtimes and activities for you, so follow the plan!

4. Don’t skip KidsTown. Full of lots of fun activities for the kiddos, plan to save a lot of time as there’s a lot to see, do and play with!

5. Get involved with extra activities like scheduled story times, exhibits, summer camps and more. Did you know they can host birthday parties too?

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Disclaimer: This Orlando Science Center Family Video Review is based on the experience of My Central Florida and should be taken as opinion of that experience. Details are subject to change over time so be sure to verify details from our accounts.