Silver Spurs Rodeo Review


 Silver Spurs Rodeo Review

Silver Spurs Rodeo Review

Silver Spurs Rodeo Review – In February 2017, My Central Florida Family traveled to Osceola County to the Silver Spurs Rodeo. As we exited the Turnpike, we found the excitement of the Osceola County Fair happening just outside the arena. Both were incredibly easy to get to from the Turnpike.

Now, on this excursion, we didn’t have time to stop by the Osceola County Fair, but it looked to be a typical county fair with all the rides and thrills. Both the fair and the Silver Spurs Arena were located in a clean and well kept part of Highway 192 in Kissimmee. Silver Spurs Rodeo Review

Parking was organized for both, though the walk in to Silver Spurs was a bit of a hike. With little ones, you may want to consider using your strollers for the walk in. Parking was free.

Now, I’ve lived in Central Florida for over 40 years and I have never been to either the Osceola County Fair or the Silver Spurs Arena. I was quite impressed by the size, scope and condition of the Silver Spurs Arena. If you have the option to attend an event or concert here, I definitely suggest it! It was larger and had better optics and sound than I had imagined!

I was excited to check out my first Silver Spurs Rodeo, well, my first ever rodeo! I dressed the kids in country attire so we wouldn’t stick out too much!

There is no assigned seating, so you’re free to sit wherever you would like. We chose to sit in the end zone area and had a little of elbow room, which was nice. We started with the bull riding, followed by the horses, some calf wrangling, and back to the bulls. We found ourselves yelling out loud and couldn’t stop our excitement with each new rider or contestant. The boys, and myself, got a little bored in between riders, but the announcer tried to keep things fun and festive.

Overall, we enjoyed our time at the rodeo and I can now check this off the bucket list. It was kid friendly, family friendly, not uncomfortably crowded, and indoors…which is important in Florida.

We hope you’ll choose to enjoy the rodeo next year and we hope you make some new family memories, as we did this year!

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