Wild Florida Offers Free Park Admission


Wild Florida Offers Free Park Admission

Wild Florida Offers Free Park Admission – It’s no secret Wild Florida knows a thing or two about alligators. To share this knowledge and passion with visitors, Wild Florida will host Gator Week, May 24-29, and offer free Gator Park admission to everyone who brings in spare change. At the end of Gator Week, Wild Florida will also celebrate the inaugural National Alligator Day on Saturday, May 29.

Wild Florida Offers Free Park Admission


In addition to the week of gator-themed festivities, Wild Florida also celebrates its two adult albino alligators, Snowflake and Blizzard, for producing 18 eggs this month. To many, alligators are viewed as fierce carnivores on the hunt, but that’s not the case. Like many misunderstood creatures, myths develop based on a lack of knowledge and a focus on fear.

Because of this, Wild Florida decided to dedicate an entire week to educating guests, debunking common myths, and developing a more positive attitude towards these reptiles.

Sam Haught, co-owner of Wild Florida, announced, “We look forward to this event all year, and we’re excited tocelebrate alligators with visitors in new and fun ways. From alligator cake decorating contests to gator jumpathons, we love that these demonstrations and activities build a connection between our guests and our environment increative and unique ways.

”Each year, the Wild Florida team brainstorms different experiences highlighting alligator behaviors that educateguests about these scaly animals. With gator jumpathons, a gator cake decorating contest, and alligator trivia scheduled throughout the week, these are just some of the highlights guests can enjoy during Gator Week.

This Gator Week is extra special as Wild Florida’s adult albino alligators, Snowflake and Blizzard, have produced theirthird batch of eggs. Be sure to follow Wild Florida on social media for updates, fun polls, educational tidbits, and myth-busting stories.

During Gator Week, Wild Florida will offer free admission to everyone who brings in any amount of spare change with the goal of reaching Crusher’s (their largest alligator) weight! All collected change will be donated to Croc Fest(www.crocfest.org). Normally, admission to Wild Florida’s Gator Park is $10 for adults throughout the year; Florida residents receive a 50% discount year-round. Learn more about Wild Florida’s offerings at WildFL.com.

Wild Florida Airboats, Drive-thru Safari & Gator Park, which opened on Lake Cypress in Kenansville in 2010, focuses on educating individuals about Central Florida’s natural resources. The Wild Florida team is dedicated to protecting, conserving, and enhancing Florida’s diverse ecosystem to ensure that future generations can enjoy the wonders of wild, native Florida.

Family Video Review:

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Where and When:

May 24-29, 2021 | Wild Florida

More Information:

Check out www.GatorWeek.com for the full schedule of events.

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