Winter Park Library Sensory Story Time


Winter Park Library Sensory Story Time

Winter Park Library Sensory Story Time – Sensory Story Time for preschoolers on the Spectrum…Winter Park Public Library adds classes specifically designed for children with special needs on Mondays at 4 PM and Thursdays at 11:30 AM.

Winter Park Library Sensory Story Time

The Winter Park Public Library (WPPL) has launched Sensory Storytime for special needs children aged 2 to 7. The regularly scheduled events, monthly the last week of each month on Mondays at 4:00pm and Thursdays at 11:30am., are designed for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities to help increase their literacy and improve communications skills.  The 45-minute Storytime also gives parents a chance to socialize with other parents while their children are learning.

“We found that many parents with autistic children are not using the library as much because they are afraid their children may be disrupting and won’t be welcome,” said Shanna Kuster, children’s librarian. “These families can experience real isolation, so we wanted to reach out to them by offering a safe environment for their special children to learn to love books.”

According to a March 2016 American Libraries Association article, children on the autism spectrum process information in a different part of the brain than a typical child and they often struggle with some sort of sensory issue as well. Sensory Storytime was designed to involve the senses in a more visual and tactile way allowing these kids a better chance to connect to the story being presented by the librarian.  Bubbles, scarves, rhythm instruments, bean bags and bells are used as tools to engage and focus the children as the story unfolds.  Unlike in a regular Storytime, these children can move around and are not expected to be visually focused on the book during the story.  Consistency is also important for autistic children, so librarians may use the same signal as a song to alert it’s the beginning or the end of the class.

“Participating in a program looks totally different for kids with special needs, and I never expect them to just sit still, listen while I read and turn pages,” said Kuster.  “I always have some way to get them involved in the story experience and keep it interactive.”

Sensory Storytime is offered as part of a comprehensive and full calendar of children’s classes at the WPPL. Special needs children are not limited to join only Sensory Storytime which can be attended by any child as well.  Although registration is not required to attend Storytime, most classes at WPPL require enrollment which can be done by visiting the calendar section of or by calling (407) 623-3300.

About The Winter Park Public Library: For 132 years, the Winter Park Public Library, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, has continuously evolved to bring the highest quality library materials education and services to those living in Winter Park and the surrounding community. Today the library provides onsite and online learning and entertainment resources including classes and events, print and digital books, music, videos, video games and software, and downloadable materials for smart devices and computers. The Winter Park Public Library has been one of four libraries across the U.S. selected to collaborate with The Aspen Institute on innovative approaches to be a civic forum for 21st century learning. The library will have a new facility in summer 2020 as part of its public private partnership with the City of Winter Park. For more information about the WPPL and the new facility, please visit or call 407-623-3300.

Disclaimer: This Winter Park Library Sensory Story Time event is subject to last minute cancellations and changes which might not be reflected in this post. Please always confirm with this family-friendly business by calling or clicking.