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Florida Kids and Family Expo Holiday Online 2 is the leading family go-to resource for families in Central Florida. With 3+ platforms to connect businesses, schools, organizations and families together, we strive to always be engaging and thorough. My Central Florida Family and the Florida Kids and Family Expo is your opportunity to connect to more opportunities throughout Central Florida. If you have a specific question or need more information about something, simply contact us with the links below. We have one link for family questions and one for businesses, schools and organizations so that we can get you the help you’re searching for. We look forward to responding within 24 business hours.

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My Central Florida Family and the Florida Kids and Family Expo launched in September 2014 and we’ve been a leading resource for families ever since. Through our website, magazine and expo, we encourage you to discover all that we offer through our Facebook page, our Instagram, our Twitter account, our NewsFeed Posts and a weekly email newsletter. If you would like to contact us directly through email, you can find out more about who we are and links to our email below!

Meet Brandi. 

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In 2014, Brandi was in the world of weddings, creating bridal shows, fulfilling dream weddings and connecting brides to wedding professionals. Ready to jump into another world, being a mother of 2 boys and never knowing how to enrich her family in her own backyard, she awoke and realized she wanted to launch the ultimate resource for families in Central Florida. My Central Florida Family and the Florida Kids and Family Expo were born. Working alongside her own mother every day, Brandi works to uncover events, opportunities, businesses, products and services to help make life easier for other moms just like her. A life-long resident of Central Florida and a parent for over 16 years, she’s never felt more enriched than she does producing the Florida Kids and Family Expo and updating My Central Florida Family’s website and print publication.


Meet Jo.

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As a Central Florida resident for over 50 years, Jo has worked producing events and coordinating events throughout Central Florida for companies such as Time Warner, Bellsouth, AT&T and more. In fact, she helped open Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 1971 and Epcot Center in 1985. Together with Brandi, Jo has produced weddings, wedding shows, and more from 2000 to 2007. Partnered again, Jo works on website updates to, the production of the Florida Kids and Family Expo, and still has time to be a full-time grandmother to Brandi’s two boys. She brings that grandparent experience to My Central Florida Family and the Florida Kids and Family Expo because she knows a Central Florida family isn’t just made up of moms and dads! Jo and Brandi enjoy covering Central Florida family events and opportunities every single day of the year.