Island H2O Live Family Video Review

Island H2O Live Family Video Review

Island H2O Live Family Video Review – In June 2019, My Central Florida Family attended the Grand Opening of Island H2O Live in Kissimmee!

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Island H2O Live! is a water park located between I-4 and 429 on 192 in Kissimmee, Florida. At the time of the grand opening, in the morning, the crowds were very light which made it a very relaxing day at the park.

Island H2O Live! has all of the elements you would expect from a water park, including a wave pool, lazy river, and slides…about 8 slides to be exact (not including the kiddie area). They range from easy to thrilling, as you would expect.

There is a wonderful small kids area (4 and under) and a bigger small kids area with a nice size water area. There are basketball hoops in one of the pools, which is where my kids spent a lot of time, as well. And, one of my favorite features…an adult only pool (over 21). You don’t find those at typical water parks, and for those with older kids, it’s a refreshing break.

Island H2O Live Family Video Review

The theme is technology, geared at the younger kids. So, all the pools and slides and areas are named for technology functions. It made it a bit tough to get the hang of the names, but it’s a cute concept. Some of the slides allow you to enjoy music and light shows as you slide. You can choose your own in their app, which is connected to your smart band.

Speaking of your smart band, you can use this throughout the park. It doesn’t yet pay for food, but through the app, you can find your friends or family in the park, create your experience on the slides and more. The app will also give you the wait times on the slides, so you don’t have to walk the park looking for lesser wait times. For us, it worked well!

Island H2O Live Family Video Review

Finally, the food. They have unlimited non-alcoholic drinks for about $12. If you’re staying all day, this is a great deal. If you’re there for just a few hours, it might be a bit pricey. We found the food to be a bit high in price (averaging about $10-12 per menu item). Just plan accordingly to stretch your resources for the day.

All in all, it was a great day at Island H2O Live! It was stress free, full of fun, and everything was in tip top shape (hopefully that continues past the opening). You can find it within the Margaritaville Resort area with plenty of additional fun to be had. From movies, restaurants, a hotel and more, it’s a great area to explore for the day or a weekend away from home.

Island H2O Live Family Video Review

Here are our Top 5 takeaways from Island H2O Live!:

  1. Bring your towels, sun block, and other essentials (including covers for your phones). Don’t think of this as a resort pool area where towels are provided for you. It’s a full on water park and you have to bring your own items.
  2. Get there early. The crowds definitely built in the afternoon.
  3. Use the app! It was nice to be plugged in to wait times and where my kids were in the park using this tool! The kids loved the music and lights they selected for the slides.
  4. Consider food options. To help with expenses, look at their food policy for whether they permit coolers or outside food and drinks.
  5. Utilize the in and out lockers for valuables. This way you can explore without the worry, and the lockers use your smartband so you can get in and out of it all day as needed.
  6. Bonus! The ground gets hot in the afternoon…consider water shoes or plan to wear flip flops around the park. Some of the slides/areas have “cubbies” to put them in.
Island H2O Live Family Video Review

From the team at Island H2O Live!

Central Florida’s newest themed water park, Island H2O Live!, celebrated the first day of summer with its official grand opening on June 21, 2019.

Island H2O Live! offers 20 different experiences for guests of all ages to enjoy. For those looking to take it easy, Chat Creek guides them through a lazy river where the water does the work. Thrill seekers can experience an adrenaline rush with Drop Down, Follow Me Falls and Reply Racers, as they twist and turn their way through tubes and open-air slides to a dramatic watery plunge. Little swimmers can take a trip to Candy Stripe Cove and Pelican’s Paradise for an array of adventures that are age-appropriate, but no less fun for these water-loving kiddos. 

Private Domain provides an adult-only (21+) oasis to experience the ultimate retreat for those who want the excitement or relaxation of the water park,but without the hustle-and-bustle of visiting families. Nearby Tag Shack’s private bar is the place for adults to grab a cold drink and chill.

“We have an incredible variety of attractions at Island H2O Live! including water coasters, family raft rides, a wave pool, lazy river, kid-friendly experiences and more,” said Island H2O Live! general manager, Jim Kunau. “The real star of this park is the ability to share your experience. The addition of this social media interaction allows your experience to go beyond the water park walls and encourage others to join in on the fun.”

Download the H2O Live! App:

Island H2O Live’s! proprietary technology creates a unique experience to be shared across a variety of social channels. Upon arrival, guests will be given an RFID Smart Band which allows them to engage their social network through the H2O Live! app. Guests are encouraged to download the app before they arrive, so they are ready to create their profile and manage their entire experience upon arrival. If guests do not have smartphones, there are tech stations throughout the park where they can simply tap their Smart Band to set up their profile, select slide color themes & music playlists, earn park perk points, find friends and more.

Guests looking to create a permanent catalog of memories have the option to share their experiences by purchasing a photo package for $15.99 per family. Attractions offering video and customization capabilities are marked with an icon for easy social sharing.

The four main features of the Smart Band Include:

In My Day: Guests can select their music playlist for the day, choose their favorite color theme for their app and slide experiences, earn and track badges, see ride wait times, and view additional park information.

Family & Friends: Guests can link with their family and friends so they can easily find them at any point throughout the day. Parents can set parental controls to keep track of their children and limit what attractions and areas they can access.

Park Perks: Guests can view what actions will allow them to earn Park Perks, redeemable points out that guests can use to customize their thrills and chills. Coming soon, guests will be able to trade in Park Perks for merchandise, food and beverages, and more. They can also see their current totals, which can be carried over to their next visit when they validate their profile.

Speed Keys: Coming soon, guests can purchase Speed Keys for front-of-line access, reserve time slots on attractions, and even share them with their linked family and friends. Park hours are daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week unless otherwise noted on the website. In celebration of the grand opening, Island H2O Live! has extended the annual pass preview price of $69.99 plus tax through Sunday, June 23. On Monday, June 24, the annual pass will increase to the regular price of $89.99. Annual day passes are available at the park or online.

Island H2O Live! is within walking distance or a short trolley ride from Margaritaville Hotel, Margaritaville Cottages, and Sunset Walk, the resort’s retail, dining, and entertainment district featuring more than 30 offerings including Bento Café, BurgerFi, Ford’s Garage, Rock & Brews, Skechers, Studio Movie Grill, Yeoman’s Cask & Lion and so much more. For more information, please visit

Disclaimer: This Family Video Review is based on the experience of My Central Florida and should be taken as opinion of that experience. Details are subject to change over time so be sure to verify details from our accounts.

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