Mickey’s Not So Scary Family Video Review

Mickey’s Not So Scary Family Video Review – One of our favorite Halloween events of the year in Central Florida. Check out Mickey’s NOt So Scary Halloween!

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In August 2018, we were invited to experience all of the “treats” and opportunities for Central Florida families at the Mickey’s Not So Scary event at the Magic Kingdom! This event happens annually and is one of our favorite events of the year.

Starting at 7 PM, this event requires a separate ticket from the normal ticket for the park. You can enter as early as 4 PM, but after 7 PM, you must have a wristband to show that you’re staying for the Not So Scary event that runs into the evening, usually around midnight.

Mickey's Not So Scary Family Video Review

This event is appropriate for children of all ages, which is one of the reasons we love it at Halloween!

Below are our Top 5 Tips for attending this event:

1. Dress Up. It’s just more fun. And, it’s so fun to see everyone else that dresses up. Many attendees were commenting on my son, dressed as Thor, and it enhanced his experience. He thought it was really cool! Plus, trick or treating just doesn’t seem the same without being in costume. I have to give a HUGE thumbs up to the dads that dressed up. I saw Captain Hook, Prince Charming, Nemo and more. We love seeing dads so into it!

2. Stop for candy. It’s kind of the whole point! Look for the blown up orange pillars as the notate candy locations. Our kids were thrilled with the loot they took home. Lines will look long, but move rapidly, so don’t let them “scare” you away. If you don’t have a candy bag, not to worry, they will provide one for you…though it will be smaller than the loot you hope to collect!

3. Rides typically have shorter wait times. I would go as far to say as wait times are typically about 1/2 of what you would find on a busy day. Have a plan of what rides you want to ensure you experience so you can get them in as well. You can usually get in to this experience at 4 PM, so make the most of the three extra hours to enjoy rides before the festivities begin at 7 PM.

4. Catch the parade! We didn’t get to see it this year because of the rain, but I’ve seen it in the past and according to employees we spoke with, it’s not to be missed and is the best parade of the year at Disney! There are 2 parade times for you.

5. Try the specialty items. They create a menu of items for this event. Try some of them out!

Click here for tickets and more information.

Below is a video of what you can expect from the
2018 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Disclaimer: This Mickey’s Not So Scary Family Video Review is based on the experience of My Central Florida and should be taken as opinion of that experience. Details are subject to change over time so be sure to verify details from our accounts.