Playalinda Beach Family Video Review

Playalinda Beach Family Video Review

Playalinda Beach Family Video Review – In May 2021, we visited Playalinda Beach in Canaveral Seashore! The kids enjoyed the sand, surf and more. This is our Family Video Review!

Playalinda Beach Family Video Review

Our Review:

Playalinda Beach is located due east of Titusville and next to Cape Canaveral. It’s perfect for takeoffs at the Kennedy Space Center throughout the year. Though, it’s open during select hours seasonally rather than the 24 access you enjoy at other beaches around Central Florida, you’ll appreciate the natural beauty of this area.

We arrived around 10:15 AM and were met with a line of cars, which could be daunting. It took us about 15 minutes to make it through the guard gate, where we paid $40 for an annual pass. It’s $20 to visit just for the day (though I heard the $20 ticket is good for a week). We parked at Boardwalk 1 (Boardwalk 13 is where you’ll find any nude beachgoers…we didn’t see any on our visit). The walk from the car to the our “spot” was so easy. It wasn’t crowded like other beaches in Central Florida. The water and sand was beautiful.

The waves were incredibly rough, bowling us over like pins on a bowling alley lane. The boogie boarding was great, but simply swimming or floating was not in the cards. I’m not sure if the surf at Playalinda is more rough than other beaches, but we’ll know better on our next visit!

There are no condos, no hotels, and no restaurants, lifeguards, vendors, etc. It is old Florida and we LOVED it! There was no cell service either, so plan accordingly for being out of touch for the day (which isn’t a bad thing). Preload music. Plan for the kids that love to phone surf at the beach, rather than riding the waves, to be unhappy. Otherwise, it was perfection for us!

Below, you’ll find our Family Video Review. We hope it paints the picture of what a day on Playalinda Beach is like!

Our Family Video Review:

Top 5 Things to Know:

  1. The beach is only accessible one way. It’s a 2 lane road for a combination of about 15 miles with a guard gate along the way. It’s $20 for access to the shore. Or, you can get an annual pass for $40, which was a no brainer for us. Because they can control ins and outs, this area is only open during specific times throughout the year, so be sure to check the times before you head out. Finally, be prepared that it can take you 15-30 minutes to get in during peak times. Plan to head out early to skip the line of cars! We got there at 11 AM and it took us about 15 minutes to get through.
  2. There are 13 boardwalks to park at. The 13th is where you will find the nude beachgoers, so if you’re a family, maybe stay up closer to the single digits!
  3. Once you’re parked, there are restrooms, but no other facilities or offerings. No showers. There are no restaurants, no hotels, no condos, etc. on the beach. You are in old Florida and it’s beautiful.
  4. The boardwalks make the parking and walk to the shoreline ideal. Next to parking on the beach, this is the best case scenario for those that bring a lot to the beach. And, yes, there are ramps!
  5. We won’t know until our next visit, but the waves were rough on our visit. When you walk into the water, there are no shells or rough sand, but it does drop off quickly. We’re not sure if that added to the intensity of the waves. We’ve read that this area is ideal for surfing, so if you do (or don’t) like waves, be sure to check weather reports for surf activity. These waves knocked us off our feet!

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