SeaWorld Safety Family Video Review

SeaWorld Safety Family Video Review

SeaWorld Safety Family Video Review – In the time of COVID-19. we’re all looking for safe ways to play and make memories with the kids. I have to say, I was skeptical of going to theme parks until I was invited to check out the safety measures at Disney on re-opening day. As a mom that worries too much about this virus, as long as I stayed outdoors and didn’t go on rides, I felt REALLY safe at the theme park. So, I decided to take the kids and head to SeaWorld to see if safety would be a concern for My Central Florida Family. Here’s my experience.

SeaWorld Safety Family Video Review


We arrived at SeaWorld around 4:30 PM, feeling that the crowds would be thinner and the temperatures would start to cool down with the sun setting. We stayed for about 3-4 hours and departed doing two roller coasters and mostly enjoying the animals. There were a few concerns, as you’ll see in our video, but with the limited crowds and paying close attention to detail (including being prepared with items we brought ourselves), we were able to maintain a safe feeling of freedom on our trip.

Family Video Review:

Top 5 Things to Know:

  1. Bring your own wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, etc. In a pinch, when we feel that things weren’t as sterile as they could be, we had our own materials to make them comfortable to us.
  2. Don’t assume anything is being wiped down. From shared game materials to hand rails and more, we didn’t see a ton of cleaning going on while we were there. We had a severe NO TOUCH policy for my family.
  3. The Seven Seas Food Festival is limited to one cart and the menu rotates, so be sure to check what they’re serving up before you head out.
  4. We saw more people without proper mask wearing than we did when we were at Disney, though we saw two employees telling people to cover up. They’re far outnumbered. Be ready to be on the lookout and steer clear of the people that aren’t following the rules for public safey.
  5. You can wear gaiters and masks with vents in them at SeaWorld (for now). They’ve been banned at Walt Disney World, but they’re still permissible at SeaWorld.

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