Top 10 List of Must Do’s for Back to School 2019


Top 10 List of Must Do’s for Back to School 2019

Top 10 List of Must Do’s for Back to School 2019 – Back to school is always a stressful time in Central Florida. Below are our Top 10 things to do as you prepare for back to school!

Top 10 List of Must Do's for Back to School 2019


Utilize tax free weekend to save money on back to school supplies, clothes and more. It’s about seven cents on the dollar, but it adds up quickly!


Put together a gift basket or gift for the teacher to get the year started off right. If this is too much, perhaps a letter, note or drawing from your child to his/her teacher to let him/her know what he/she is excited about, looking forward to, concerns, what he/she did over the summer and more.


Be sure to identify when Open House is and plan to attend. If/When the teacher contacts you prior to Open House, ask if you can bring school supplies so your child doesn’t have to carry all of them on day one. Attend Open House, drop off supplies, meet your teacher (but it’s not a conference, so don’t take up too much of her time), and be sure to take a photo with the teacher for your memory book.


Look up creative and unique ideas for school lunches. Sandwiches and chips can get boring, so planning out some lunches for the first few weeks is a great way to keep the beginning of the year fresh and exciting (at least at lunchtime).


Consider getting a set of plastic drawers for your child’s room. For the first week, and each week after, you can put your child’s clothes for each day of the week to make those mornings just a bit easier! Label them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Prepare some notes in advance for your child’s backpack or lunchbox. The first few days of school can be a bit nerve-wracking for kids, so having a supportive note from home can help!


Plan a fun family weekend right before the first day of school. Child’s choice! Celebrate the start of a new year and make some memories by spending some time together (without having to study spelling words or math facts).


Get your back-to-school hair cut and pampering in. No first day of school is complete without a fresh look and a haircut could be all that’s needed for those first impressions.


Have your child get a good night’s sleep. Wake up to a good breakfast. Get that first day photo. Take your kiddo to the bus stop or to school and take a moment to inspire them with some wisdom on tackling those first day jitters. Give them a kiss (if they’ll let you) and send them on their way.


Call in sick or take that vacation day and go spend the day on YOU. You made it through summer, through camps and vacations, through kids at home and stay-cations. You made it and you should take a day with a quiet house to celebrate the fact that you made it!

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