Pint-Sized Science at Orlando Science Center


Pint-Sized Science at Orlando Science Center

Pint-Sized Science at Orlando Science Center – Drop-off program from 9am-noon for children ages 3-5 to explore science at the Orlando Science Center, 777 E. Princeton Street, Orlando.

Pint-Sized Science is a drop-off program designed for children ages 3-5 to explore science with their friends.

During this three-hour program, they will discover and learn about a range of science topics, from bubbles to physics to machines and more!

They will be guided through simple lessons accompanied by hands-on activities and science-infused play.

All program times are 9am-noon. Fee for members is $30 and for non-member is $35. That is per one child for one program session.

For more information and registration, click here.

There are different programs now through May 25th.

Science with Dr. Seuss
Friday, March 9
One book, two books, three books galore! Come along and explore the science behind three popular Dr. Seuss books – “Horton Hears a Who,” “Bartholomew and the Oobleck,” and “The Lorax.”

Our Home Planet: Earth
Friday, March 30
Come along and investigate our home planet, Earth! Discover how Earth’s rotation on its axis causes day and night, conduct experiments exploring what Earth is made of, and learn what we need to do to take care of our planet.

Deep Blue Sea
Friday, April 13
DIVE, DIVE, DIVE! Come explore the ocean habitat where many living and non-living things are found.  Discover adaptations living things need to survive in this environment, and examine the concept of sink and float.

Under the Desert Sun
Friday, April 27
Get ready for some hot and sandy exploring! Discover the desert habitat where many living and non-living things reside, and investigate the impacts of sun and water in this environment and its inhabitants.

Trek Through the Tropics
Friday, May 11
Grab your rain slickers and hiking boots — we’re taking a walk through the rainforest! Come discover what each layer of the rainforest holds (from tiny tree frogs to powerful jungle cats), the various food and medicine we get from the rainforest, and why it’s so important that we work to keep rainforests healthy and happy.

Florida’s Backyard
Friday, May 25
Have you ever gone exploring in your backyard and found a swamp or pond? What was inside it? Come along as we get knee-deep in all the amazing things living in our Florida swamps and ponds, from gigantic alligators to microscopic insects!

Disclaimer: This event is subject to last minute cancellations and changes which might not be reflected in this post. Please always confirm with this family-friendly business by calling or clicking.